Endoscopy Purposes Indications complications Nursingcare

Endoscopy Purposes Indication Complications Nursing Care, Definition Types of Endoscopy’s, General Precautions Preparation of articles,

Nurse’s responsibility in During GI- Endoscopy procedure, Complications of Endoscope adverse effect all information about Endoscopy Purposes Detailed mentioned Below



Endoscopy Purposes Indication complications Nursing care


  •  Endoscopy is a device that consists of a round or oval tube with an optical system for visualizing the internal organ or cavity.
  • The procedure done by expert qualified medical professionals,
    The endoscope can be done by Natural opening of the body such as mouth, nose, anus, and urethra.
  • Surgeon making a small incision through the abdominal wall such as laparoscopy for view   potential problems in abdominal cavity without a large incision

Types of Endoscopy

  •  Metallic –Rigid,
  • Fiberoptic – Flexible,

Endoscopy Indication:-

  • Diagnostic purposes,
  •  Surgical repair and operations,
  • Examinations based on the area of the body that they investigate and purpose,

Arthroscopy: –

  •  for joints make an incision near to the joints to visualize and repairing, e, g.knee,

Bronchoscopy: –

  •  It is used to visualize bronchus, lung,


  •  It is used for the examine the large intestine and anus to detect any abnormality,


  •  It is used for visualization of the bladder,


  • It is used for the visualization of small intestine,


  • •It is used for the visualization inside of the uterus, endometrium,


  •  It is used for the visualization of abdominal or pelvic organs,


  •  It is used for the visualization of the voice box,

Gastrointestinal endoscopy:-

  •  It is used for the visualization of the upper intestinal tract, and stomach,


  • Endoscope
  • Suction tubes,
  •  Biopsy forceps,
  •  Xylocaine jelly,
  • Specimen bottle,
  • Surgical dressing tray,

General instructions for Endoscopy Procedure:-

  • Check for the doctor’s order,
  •  Identify the client with Name and diagnosis etc…
  •  Explain the importance of the procedure.
  •  The patient should be prepared psychologically and physically for the procedure,
  •  Ask the to patient sign in a consent form that gives you permission to do the endoscopic  procedure,
  •  Check for The patient may have diagnostic reports, such as lab x-ray, etc…
  •  Must prepare articles according to the type of endoscopic procedure,
  • Check all instruments before use,

Nursing management  During the Procedure:-

  • Maintain the desired position during the procedure,
  •  Maintain privacy to the patient with drapes and screen,
  •  Check the Vital signs (Pulse rate, Blood pressure, respiration rate, and Oxygen saturation) are to be monitored during the procedure.

Endoscopy’s Purposes Indication complications Nursing care  Video    

For  video Tutorial Upper  G I Endoscopy Click Here

Care After the procedure:-

  •  Observe for complication of bleeding and pain,
  •  Chart and Document all relevant data, information of the procedure,

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