Liver Function

Liver Function Tests Types Introduction How to Prepare for Procedure

Liver Function Tests are a Group of Laboratory tests  Which Reveals the Status of Patients or a Victim who suffering from liver Disease to Distinguish different types of Liver Disorders

Introduction of Liver Function Tests,

Liver is a Second Largest Organ in Human Body and Play 5 Main functions are Metabolic, Excretory,Synthesis, Detoxification, Storage Based on these Roles Liver Tests are Divided

What are the Uses of Liver Function Tests

These Liver Function Tests are used to Detect and Diagnose Liver Diseases, Types of Disorders, and Response to Treatment,

LFT – Liver Function Tests are Group of Tests that can results clients Liver Health Status,

Screening for Liver infectious diseases,such as Hepatitis A, B, C, (Jaundice),

Monitor and evaluation of disease and determine Liver function,  how  well Responding to treatment

To Monitor the Possible side effects of Medicine’s ,

To Measure the  severity of the Cirrhosis of Liver Disease condition,

When Liver Functions Tests are Required,

LFT may be prescribed when client is at choice of risk for Liver diseases and dysfunction,
some of the example included,

Loss of Apatite,
Nausea and Vomiting,
Yellowsih discoloration of Skin (Jaundice),
Weakness and Fatigue,
Dark Urine,
Abdominal Swelling and Abdominal Pain,
Itching (Pruritus),
Chronic Alcoholic,
To detect the Infectious diseases, Hepatitis A, B, C,
Who takes Medications for Chronic Diseases and Long Time that Medications can potentially damage Liver,

LFT-  Types of Liver Function Tests:

This Liver Functions tests divided according to Liver Functions in detail given below

Metabolic Function Based Tests:-

Carbohydrate Metabolism-

Galactose Tolerance Test(GTT),

Fructose Tolerance Test

Lipid Metabolism-

Serum Cholesterol, LDL – Low density Lipoproteins, VLDL – Very Low Density Lipoproteins, HDL- High Density Lipoproteins,

Protein Metabolism-

Serum Proteins,Amino Acids in Blood and Urine

Detoxification  Function Based Tests:-

Hippuric Acid Test

Determination of Ammonia

Bromsulphthalein Test

Excretory  Function Based Tests:-

Serum Urobilin

Urine Urobilin

Urine and Fecal Urobilinogen

Urine Bile Salts

Dye Excretion Tests

Synthesis  Function Based Tests:-

Plasma Proteins

Prothrombin Time,

Watch Video Tutorial for Liver Functions Test,


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