M.Sc.Nursing Post Basic B.Sc.Nursing Entrance and Nursing Recruitment Model Papers

Model papers for M.Sc, Nursing,Post Basic Nursing Entrance Nursing Recruitment and
Multiple Choice Questions with Answers Model Paper given below,

M.Sc. Nursing Post Basic B.Sc Nursing and Nursing Recruitment Model Papers-1,

  1. Who is Called Lady with The Lamp? (  )

A) Mother Theresa,
B) Florence Nightingale,
C) Sr.Nancy,
D) Sarojini Naidu
2. How long Packed RBC can be stored In Blood Bank? (  )
A) 10 Days,
B) 20 Days,
C) 30 Days,
D) 42 Days,
3. MMR Vaccines Use For? ( )
A) Mumps, Measles, Rabies,
B) Mumps Measles Rubella
C) Mumps, Typhoid, Rabies,
D) Mumps, Malaria, Rubella
4. Daily Requirements of protein Is per Kilogram of Body weight? ( )
A) 1 gm,
B) 10gm,
C) 20gm,
D) 30gm,
5. Daily Requirement of Vitamin-D for adults, ( )
A) 400 IU,
B) 500 IU,
C) 450 IU,
D) 250 IU,
6. Discover Of Vibrae Cholera by? ( )
A) Robert Koch,
B) Louis Pasteur,
C) Antony van Leuwenhook,
D) Ross,
7. Bacteria Are The ————— Organism? ( )
A) Multi cellular,
B) A cellular,
C) Unicellular,
D) None of the above,
8. Absorption of Vitamin –K Is due To Presence Of? ( )
A) Insulin,
B) Bile,
C) Gastric Secretions,
D) None of the Above,
9. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Secreted By? ( )
A) Hypothalamus,
C) Pituitary,
D) Thyroid,
10. All are used For AIDS Except? ( )
A) Fancyclovir,
B) Ritovonavir,
C) Stavudine,
D) Indinavir,
11. Neonatal Hypothermia occur when the temperature below? ( )
A) 37.5 Celsius,
B) 36.5 Celsius,
C) 35.5 Celsius,
D) 38.5 Celsius,
12. The Other Name of Leprosy? ( )
A) Hansen’s disease,
B) Filariasis,
C) Mycobacterium,
13 Typhoid & cholera are typical examples of ( )
A. Hereditary diseases
B. Water-borne disease
C. None of the above,
D. Air-borne disease
14. Natural Milk is poor source of the following? ( )
A. Proteins,
B. Vitamin-C,
C. Calcium,
D. Fats,
15. Suicidal tendency is seen ( )
D. Both A&B,
16. FSH Hormone secreted from? ( )
A. By Birth,
B.5-7 Years,
C. 9-11 years,
D.25-28 Years,
17. Another name Of Glucose? ( )
A. Fruit sugar,
B. Cane Sugar,
C. Fructose,
D. Dextrose,
18. Who Introduced Sterilization, ( )
A. Pasteur,
19. Paralysis of Both arm and Leg Is called as? ( )
A. Paraplegia,
C. Tetraplagia,
D. Quadriplegia,
20. Most specific enzyme for MI? ( )
21. D.N.A, Found is mainly in? ( )
A. Nucleus,
B. Chromosome,
C. Cytoplasm,
D. Mitochondria,
22. The Major Part of Energy comes from? ( )
A. Vitamins,
B. Proteins
C. Fats,
D. Carbohydrates,
23. Natural defence against infection? ( )
A. Lysozymes,
B. Sebum,
C, Gastric Acid,
D. All,
24. The test Diagnosis for syphilis? ( )
25. The form of cardiac arrest? ( )
A. systole,
C Electromechanical Disassociation,
D. All

M.Sc. Nursing Post Basic B.Sc Nursing and Nursing Recruitment Model Papers-1 Answer

Key:-1.B,2.D,3.B,4.A,5.A,6.A,7.C,8.B,9.C,10.A,11.B,12.A,13.B,14.B,15.D,16.C,17.D,18.A,19.D,20.B,21.B,22. D.23.D, 24.A, 25, D.

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