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Newborn Care of The Baby at Time of Birth Nursing Care Responsibilities

Introduction Newborn Care of The Baby at Time of Birth Nursing Care Responsibilities  Newborn baby generally  required immediate care after birth

Definition of Newborn:

New Born or Neonate Infant is an infant age is under 28 days of age During  these first 28 days of Newborn life the Newborn Child is at highest risk of Mortality (Dying) In this crucial

Newborn care is provided neonatal Period to improve the child’s Chance of Survival and to lay the foundation for a healthy life

Newborn care  Nursing Responsibilities


prepare Newborn Corner for providing care at birth
provide Care and Identify and manage Newborns who may need Special Care

Four Basic Needs for all Newborns at the time of birth and for the first few weeks of life

  • To be a worm,
  • Breath normally,
  • To be protected (Prevent Infection),
  • To be fed.

Newborn care Corner

This is a Space Provided within the Labour Room for facilitating immediate care of the Newborn This Corner is Mandatory for all health facilities where deliveries take place

Equipment in Newborn Care corner

  • Radiant warmer with Bassinet,
  • Room Thermometer,
  • Wall Clock,
  • Suction equipment,
  • Laryngoscope (Straight Blade size 0.1),
  • oxygen source ( oxygen Hood, Mask),
  • Self-inflating resuscitation bag.

Supplies in Newborn Care corner

  • Sterile gloves,
  • sterile Cord ties,
  • Mucus extractors,
  • Feeding tube,
  • endotracheal tube (3,3.5 mm sizes),
  • IV Cannula,
  • Splint,
  • Emergency drugs,
  • Pediatric drip set.
  • sterile Blade or Scissors,

Immediate Newborn Care

  • The immediate care needed for all babies at birth is outlined in the flow diagram.
  • Most babies would require routine care
  • 5-10% may need assistance to establish adequate breathing and therefore will need resuscitation.

Assess by Checking

  • Is the baby term gestation?
  • Is the baby Breathing or crying?
  • Does the baby have good muscle tone?
  • is the amniotic fluid clear?
  • If Yes, Provide routine care.

Newborn care Nursing Responsibilities and routine care

  • Place the baby on the mother’s abdomen Dry the baby with a warm clean sheet.
  • Do not wipe off vernix.
  • Wipe the mouth and nose with a clean cloth Clamp the cord after 1-3 minutes and cut with a sterile instrument.
  • Tie the cord with a sterile tie Examine the baby quickly for malformations or birth injury Leave the baby between the mother’s breasts to start skin to skincare.
  • Support initiation of breastfeeding Covers the baby’s head with a cloth.
  • Cover the mother and baby with a warm cloth Place an identity label on the baby
    Give injection Vitamin K 1 mg IM(0.2mg for preterm)
  • Record the baby’s weight Refer if birth weight<1500 gm, has major congenital malformations, or has severe respiratory distress
  • Keeping the baby warm Newborn baby’s temperature falls within seconds of being born. there are four ways by which a baby may lose heat If the temperature continues to fall the baby will become sick and may even die
Method of Heat Loss Prevention of heat loss
Evaporation (e.g. wet Baby) Immediately after birth dry the baby with a clean warm dry cloth
Conduction (e.g. Contact with a cold Surface of weighing Scale) Put the baby on the mother’s abdomen (Kangaroo mother Technique)
Convention (e.g.Exposure to drought) Provide a warm drought free Labour room for delivery at > 25 degree Celsius
Radiation (e.g. Cold Surrounding) Keep the room environment warm

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